ZP Engine Branding

The creation of a new brand of engines for Horizon Hobby, including a website, packaging and an in-store brochure.

ZP was a new brand created to showcase an exclusive line of engines that Horizon Hobby was releasing in association with Zenoah engines. Zenoah has a strong history, and are solidly built. To help the engines contrast with our other engine brands and to reflect the long history of Zenoah, the logo and branding was designed to feel clean, utilitarian, and a little retro. Final execution by Chris Sims.
The logo itself was designed to feel very solid and badge-like. The subtle lighting bolt is there to signify the main differentiating feature of the engines, the fact they all have electronic ignition. Final execution by Chris Sims.
The packaging was printed with two colors on the natural surface of the cardboard.
A promotional brochure with display stand was also produced. Like the boxes, the brochure was a two-color print (with a white under layer for product photography) on a paper stock that had a similar "natural fiber" feel to the boxes. Final execution by Chris Sims.
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