Vaterra Branding

The creation of a new radio control brand, strongly allied with full-scale motorsports and an authentic experience.

Vaterra was created to closely ally radio control with full-scale motorsports. The idea was to really communicate an exciting, authentic experience. A huge variety of materials was created for the introduction of the brand, the most ambitious brand launch in the history of the company. National print ad campaigns, retailer mailings containing DVDs, in-store materials, promotional materials, t-shirts, hats and much more were created. Final executions by Matt Freden.
The packaging was created to provide an experience for the consumer both on the shelf and after they got it home. A unique form factor was utilized, as well as full-color printing on the interior and some subtle embossing to make the package feel like something special. An emphasis was put on communicating the most important aspects of the vehicle in a concise, clear and attractive manner. Final execution by Matt Freden.
The Vaterra logo was created to be a clean, powerful symbol that would not look out of place on off-road and on-road vehicles. It's heavily inspired by full-scale motorsports. Final execution by Corey Lee, Matt Freden and Ricardo Leme.
The website was created to provide an interactive, full-screen experience for the customer, using a lot of techniques to make for an interesting presentation, while also presenting a lot of technical information and content. Final execution by Chris Sims.
The website gives the viewer quite a few choices as to how they explore the content and the array of vehicles available.
One of several videos that were shot in California across varioius location. We worked very closely with the outside vendor to ensure the look and feel of the videos was consistent with the Vaterra brand. Final execution by Tempt Media.
The photography for Vaterra put a great emphasis on realism, authenticy and location. Photo by Rory Schweighart.
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