Spektrum DX8 Box Design

Packaging design for the Spektrum DX8 radio transmitter.

Spektrum DX8 Box Design
Creating the look that redefined a brand
When it came time to launch the Spektrum DX8 transmitter, it was decided to upgrade the look of our packaging to a more refined, elegant design. The final box was so successful that it was used as the template for the brand moving forward. I worked with the vendor to push the packaging design further than any other concept in the company's history. I carefully utilized varnishes, stock, die cuts and finishes to make the DX8 box reflect the premium quality of the radio inside.
The entire box was covered in a satin-finished aqueous coating, with a high-gloss finish appearing on the radio itself, as well as a few choice areas such as the side of the box.
The box was designed to be its own merchandizer. Retailers could then slide the sleeve off of the inner box halfway to reveal a list of photo-supported features.
The back of the box was created for maximum drama and branding. The spektrum bars were die-cut, revealing the familiar "plasma fire" of the Spektrum brand below.
Additional specifications for the product were featured on the back (and these were translated into three other languages for the international edition of the box.)
The product was wrapped in such a way that the retailer could merchandize the boxes to create the picture of a complete radio. I worked closely with the photographer to insure a high-quality feel for the radio on the box.
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