Illustration & Character Concept Work

A sampling of some illustration work I've created including character concept art, story illustration and work purely for pleasure.

The work below represents a sampling of some of the illustration work I've done, from story and character concept illustration to illustrations created for my own pleasure. I work a great deal in the digital realm these days, but I do still enjoy working with more analog mediums as well.
A digital painting of music artist Imogen Heap
This character concept illustration was created for Bob Furnell at the Doctor Who Project. I had pretty free reign to create the look of the character based on this description: "Whilst they are not specifically named, they appear to have no facial features, with just and a pair of wings sprouting from their backs. Besides this they are humanoid with silver skin. Their
species were born many millennia before homo-sapiens, and had immense psychic abilitieswhich they developed through science. They had complete control over the physical world and could alter the atomic structure of matter. Whether they are alive is unknown"
Alice was another character created for Bob Furnell. Her description was even more open than that of the Angel: "Alice is 5'6" tall, slender, with longish thick brown hair. She has blue eyes and has a fair, almost pale complexion."

I sent Bob a rough sketch of her clothing and several hair options. After he gave approval, the final illustration was created. The idea was to give the character a fairly youthful appearance while also commanding a sense of authority. The traditional Time Lord robes as they have been used in the Doctor Who television program are re-invented as a more futuristic, modern jacket. The floating "atomic bracelet" completes the futuristic look.
An illustration of the 8th Doctor in a costume proposed by the actor who played him, Paul McGann.
Character illustration for Obverse Book's Senor 105.
First page of a comic book I'm am working on for self-publishing.
Page 2 of the in-progress comic book.
Page three of the in-progress comic book.
Illustration for a contest on Melancholia's Facebook page. Based on a playing card, it depicts the duality inherent in the characters of Justine and Claire, as played by Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg in the film.
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