Horizon Attitude Magazine

A lifestyle-focused magazine for Horizon Hobby, meant to showcase the diversity and depth of the radio control hobby.

Horizon Attitude Magazine
An "Insider" Magazine Produced In-House
Horizon Hobby's Attitude Magazine was created to showcase the lifestyle and passion of the radio control enthusiast. For those who are not familiar with the hobby, it can come as quite a shock when they discover the diversity and size of the RC hobby audience. The magazine has been in gestation for quite a long time. There was a lengthy process of just getting the concept right through numerous sketches, paginations and content generations sessions to make sure everyone internally understood our vision for the magazine. My main focuses on this project were initial conception, art direction and some content editing on the copy side. The magazine can be viewed online here. The lead designer on the magazine was Nic Mulvaney and the lead copywriter was Michael Ramsey.
The first issue has a feature on NASCAR racer Juan Pablo Montoya, who is also an avid RC enthusiast.
The "Contents" spread.
Part of the purpose of the magazine was to highlight new product. But we wanted to make sure we did it in a way that was lifestyle oriented and compelling when possible. Even on the more standard product pages it was critical that it not look too "catalog like."
This illustrates nicely one of the main purposes of the magazine - to communicate the thrill of the experience of driving an RC vehicle.
Lifestyle was also incredibly critical to the magazine, nicely captured in this spread.
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