Grace & Witherbloom Book Covers

The cover design for my first novel, released as a series of seven novellas.

Grace & Witherbloom Book Covers
I did a lot of research into Victorian design and typefaces for the cover. Some of the look of that area is really great, but nothing felt quite right for this book. For one thing, the book was about two beings who don't really belong in the era. So going with a straight mimicry of Victorian design didn't seem appropriate. For the logo, I eventually went with an elegant typeface with some distinctive visual flair. I manipulated it slightly and adorned it with some flourishes.
I wanted a strong graphic element for use on the cover, website, and possibly some interior pages should the project see print one day. Currently, the books are offered in digital format only. I was happy with the way this pattern turned out. It has a feeling of Victorian flourish and "busy-ness" but it's used mostly as a background element and often degraded making sure it doesn't overwhelm the whole design.
The cover for Book 1: The Girl Who Died Backwards. I played with the illustration quite a bit on this one. I wanted something bold as these books would be sold digitally and it was important that they have a strong impact even in a tiny thumbnail form on The two main characters are represented. As you can see, there is a strong use of texture and the repeated graphic elements are used in a very subtle manner.
Here are the covers for the other books. It was important that each one stand out from each other, but at the same time I wanted to use the same image/format to really support the idea that these individual adventures are all part of the same story.
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