Force RC Rebranding

A rebranding of the radio control helicopter battle system, playing up it's sci-fi elements. I acted as art director and the primary designer of it's core elements.

Force RC Rebrand
This project was a great deal of fun to work on. The product consists of two radio control helicopters that can battle each other through infra red technology. A year into the life of the brand, it was decided to package the two helis together (they had previously been available separately) and to make the box art and supporting materials more attractive to a younger audience.
The box was designed to look like a futuristic cargo crate. The cargo container was meant to express the rough and tumble universe that we were going to create for the helis, so the box was given a grungy and weathered look.
Box Front and left side panel. There was some consumer confusion about whether the helis actually could fight each other or whether they were just helis with futuristic bodies, so the "laser battle system" aspect was greatly emphasized.
Box back. The combo pack was also a great value, so emphasizing how much you got for your money was critical. The manufacturer's logo (Horizon Hobby) was also greatly emphasized with the thought that this product may go outside the normal channels and that this might be the first exposure to the company.
Quick Start Guide - Front and Back. Another major change in the rebranding was the addition of two "hero" characters for each faction. Although the backstory for the factions and the universe had been in the minds of the marketing department all along, this story was not expressed to the consumer initially in favor of letting the technology of the helicopters take center stage. For this next step in the brand, we wanted to emphasize the sci-fi and video game feel of the brand. Working from sketches I provided, Stanley Von Medvey of Studio Hemogoblin created the excellent illustrations of the characters. Here they are incorporated into a Quick Start Guide that introduces the universe to the consumer and gives some basic instructions. I designed some fun extras for the Quick Start Guide as well in the form of "Recruitment" posters and a landing pad on the back.
Quick Start Guide - Interior. The guide folds out into a physically immersive 24'' x 24'' square, revealing this interior.
I designed a faction logo for each group. The intention was that this could be used in future merchandising and product to increase the interaction with the fictional universe for the consumer.
I provided art direction for the supporting materials for the rebrand. This is a consumer ad designed by Nic Mulvaney.
I provided the art direction to re-skin the website as well. Design by Joseph Brumleve.
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