Electrix RC Brand Identity

I was assigned as art director and lead designer for the launch of a new brand at Horizon Hobby, Electrix RC. The brand launch was a success, and sales exceeded projections.

Electrix RC Brand Identity
I was assigned as the art director and lead designer on the launch of a new brand for Horizon Hobby. The focus of Electrix RC was on affordable, entry-level product that would be attractive to both the seasoned RC hobbyist as well as those new to the hobby.
The first step in the process was the creation of a mood board that encapsulated not only the aesthetic we were trying to achieve but also the attitude we wanted to convey.
Along with designers Nic Mulvaney and Ralph Roether, I explored a wide variety of different looks for the logo. Above are some rough concepts I created as part of that process. We wanted an identity that had a bit of an edge and attitude but that wouldn't turn off the core RC hobbyist.
The final Electrix logo.
Marketing played a critical role in nearly every part of the creation of the brand, even in areas that were often filled by product development. I did a great deal of concept work on the look of the vehicles themselves. We wanted to make sure every part of the product itself was branded, so I created a concept to alter the transmitter provided by the factory to include the logo. The logo was also integrated with other parts of the mold on the chassis.
The final Electrix RC Circuit Truck. I created the final vector artwork that was applied by the vendor in China before the body was vacuum-formed. I also created new, more realistic decals for the headlights and grill to reinforce the unique look of the vehicle.
The process for creating the box art took quite a long time in order to get the right mix of pure branding to appeal to customers outside of the hobby market as well as the necessary information an RC enthusiast would want. A small sampling of the rough concepts I created are below. The final design as implemented by Ralph Roether is above.
I created some basic concepts for the look of the ads on the left, with an emphasis on the use of white to set the brand apart from the competition. On the right are the final ad designs as implemented by other designers.
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