Blade Scout CX Packaging

The development of the Blade Scout CX Package.

Blade Scout CX Packaging
It was decided early on that the Blade Scout Cx would have a very different box than the standard Blade release. The box art should reflect the lower price point as well as speak to a customer who was not familiar with the world of RC helis. Several basic concepts were considered before the team decided to move forward with a compact window box.
Early pencil sketches of concepts for a horizontally  designed window box and a more vertically oriented all-plastic design that would utilize paper inserts.
A vertically oriented box. It was hoped this might have more of an impact and be a bigger visual differentiator than the horizontal box.
After looking at what needed to go in the box, the team decided to go with a cube shape. This would allow more product to be displayed at once and help with freight costs. We worked with the vendor to develop the interior of the box. Although we had originally planned to do a cardboard interior due to costs, we were able to make a molded plastic interior that snugly held the transmitter and the helicopter itself.
The completed box art. The window box allows the customer to get a very good view of the product from both the front and side. Past window boxes the company produced only had a window on the front, which reduced the visibility of the product and cast it in shadow. The window was carefully designed so that the box would maintain it’s rigidity and not buckle.
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